Shipping at Planet Biking is fast and Free*. All orders are processed within 48 hours and items are shipped as soon as possible. A typical order will arrive at your door (in the United States) as soon 7 days after you placed your order and generally speaking no later than 3 weeks after you place your order.

For Canada, shipping times may be a little longer though almost all orders will still arrive in 10-21 days. We are able to clarify your shipping time once your order has been placed. Once the order is under way on the final leg (usually from the USA) you will receive a tracking number.

Some items which are popular may not immediately be available but we will be able to let you know when you can expect your order, if you would like to check prior to ordering please email us and we will respond likely the same day. Should we need to contact the manufacturer on your behalf you may experience a one day wait. Please be patient, we are delighted to bring you the best possible service where you can always speak with a human being!

* Free shipping the Continental United States. Other states and parts of the world may vary. Shipping times to Canada may be slightly longer, especially in cases where bikes cannot be shipped directly and thus have to make one extra stop in the USA. Shipping prices quoted online may change at any time though you will only pay the price quoted at the time of your order.

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