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Di Blasi

Di Blasi R34 - Folding Electric Tricycle

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The Di Blasi R32 foldable tricycle has been conceived for those who don’t want to renounce the pleasure of being able to cycle around independently , despite having minor mobility or balance issues. Convenient and manageable, it folds down in just 5 seconds and can be pulled along like a small suitcase using its built in transportation wheels. The Di Blasi tricycle is also available with an electric motor , the R34 model found here.


Folded tricycle: 34x77x65cm
Unfolded tricycle: Max width: 68 cm Track: 100 cm
Weight R34: With battery: 28,5 kg
Weight Without battery: 25,7 kg
Rear carrier: 20x40cm, maxload 10kg
Rearview mirror
Seat with backrest
Wheels: Steinless steel spokes and light alloy rims / Tyres 20 x 1.35
Battery: Lithium (LiFePO4) 24V 9Ah
Motor: 200W
Warranty: 1 year on the Frames and Components, 6 months on the Battery