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Di Blasi

Di Blasi R70

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The Di Blasi R70 electric foldable moped is a practical and light mode of transport, very easy to fold and unfold, pleasant to drive, perfect for commuters, travelers, and generally, those who need to move around the city with agility and not get stuck in traffic.
The Di Blasi R70 electric moped is easy to fold and can be easily brought with you on a train, bus, plane or boat, or in a car boot. Its use is extremely simple even for those who are not used to driving two-wheel vehicles.


  • The R70 model foldable moped runs by an electric motor, powered by a LiFePO4 Lithium battery, the finest technology available for this kind of traction
  • Its range is of around 50 km, measured in standard usage conditions, thanks to the battery’s storage capacity, which is four times greater than that of a lead battery of similar weight
  • The maximum speed is 40 km/h
  • The weight of the moped (including battery) is 36.2 kg, but in order to be able to lift it more easily it can be reduced to just 24.7 kg by simply extracting the battery – which can be done in just a few seconds
  • The R70 electric moped requires very little maintenance
  • It does not produce unpleasant smells that might disturb people around the area in which it is folded and put away
  • As an electric vehicle, the Di Blasi R70 foldable moped may access traffic areas that are usually banned for vehicles with an internal combustion engine
  • Upon request, it can be equipped with a carry case and a useful rear luggage rack (26 x 39 cm) that automatically folds with the moped and does not increase its size when folded
  • Warranty: 1 year on the Frames and Components, 6 months on the Battery

All Di Blasi products are designed and built entirely in Italy.


Dimensions: 69x35x64 cm

Wheel base: 97,5

With battery: 35.2 kg
Without battery: 24.6kg

Type: brushless
Rated power: 750 W

Type: lithium Iron
Features: 48V 24Ah
Life-cycles: about 1.200
Charging time: about 5 hours
Mass: 12 kg

Maximum speed: 40 km/h
Maximum slope: about 12%
Range: 60 km/h
Seats: 1
Maximum user weight: 110 kg
Type approval: Euro 2
Shock absorbers on both wheels
Brakes: Drum brake Ø 70 mm on both wheels