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Oyama Dolphin (Clearance)

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The OYAMA Dolphin 12" is the perfect kid's bike and a great way to learn how to ride. Optional training wheels come included, to assist in learning. Compact size reduces household clutter, while the easy folding frame fits into your car's trunk with no issues. adjustable seatpost height allows for easy transition between riders.

    • Oyama’s Dolphin is built with a steel frame and fork for maximum durability. All components are of the highest quality.
    • Amazing beginner bike with removable training wheels, to build confidence in young riders. Start them with the training wheels (if needed) and later graduate them to riding without!
    • Adjustable handlebars and seat make it easy for sizing. Designed to fit kids from 3 to 6 years of age.
    • The folding frame and handlebar make it easy to pack for travel or store away. No more trying to figure out how to get the bike in the back of your car!
    • Ready to Ride Build not available on Oyama bikes, professional assembly is required